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000; ABOUT ME [22 Aug 30\10:09pm]

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000; CURRENT CHARACTERS [28 Feb 20\7:48pm]
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000; RETIRED CHARACTERS [27 Feb 20\8:44pm]
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000; FACES TO USE [27 Feb 20\7:24pm]
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000; PROMPT TABLE [27 Feb 20\6:01pm]
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rp: wtf happened yesterday?? [2 Apr 12\6:46pm]
by the power bestowed upon on me by [info]insanes, i now dub myself stephen colbert.

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an image: urban update [8 Oct 11\4:10am]

karl, bb. i cannot handle you. oh my god.
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fic: 300 for 30 [2 Apr 11\1:13am]
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an image: eternal struggle [21 Nov 10\9:12pm]
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an image [30 Mar 10\7:09pm]
sad, but true. at least you're allowed to pick two here. i think that, realistically (or at least in my experience), finding just one of these in another person is exciting. maybe i'm just settling, or i just have incredibly low expectations for other people. or maybe i'm actually incredibly discerning and picky? why isn't 'has incredibly low expectations' an option? am i the only one who finds that appealing?

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